The Secret to Sun-Burnt Skin

When I was younger (and not struggling with sun spots and wrinkles), I loved getting a tan. With my Asian skin, a nice bronze healthy look is easily achievable. Plus, it always made me look slimmer. However, there is a fine line to cross between getting that nice golden skin color and the brown burnt look.

An overcooked tan leaves the skin painful to touch and extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention, flaking crusty skin is simply not sexy.

The moment you notice your skin turn pink/red with a hot burning sensation, get yourself a tub of plain unsweetened yogurt. If you can, go for the full-fat tub.  Yogurt has the super-power to instantly cool the skin, re-establish PH balance and promote faster skin healing. This is a great natural remedy that is cheap, easily available and the soothing result is literally instant. I have tried it myself. It works.

How to use
Keep yogurt in fridge. When you are ready to use, apply generously over the burnt areas. Put on least 1-2 thick layers. On first touch to skin, the yogurt can feel a little chilly. Also, you might start to smell curd-ish. Let the plain yogurt sit  on your skin until it starts to warm up. The longer the yogurt stays on your skin the better. It should take about 20mins. When you are done, simply step into the shower and wash it all away with cool or lukewarm water. I guarantee you will instantly feel the heat of the sun burn on your skin disappear. Continue doing this for a few days until your skin has naturally recouped from its burn.

Tip: To turbo-charge your healing, add barley and turmeric powder to your yogurt in equal portions. Blend together and make a paste.

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