The Secret of Facial Oils

Applying oil on one’s face face can be a shuddering thought. An image of my face covered in ginormous ripe red pimples at its peak of volcanic pus eruption flashes before me instantly .

No, no, no” a saleslady said to me. “This is our best-seller. This oil is different. It is easily absorbed into the skin, not the same as applying a layer of cooking oil.” She was trying to sell me A’kin organic rose hip facial oil which I will review in my next post.

I did some research and realized she might be right after all. Facial oils are natural botanical oils with a smaller molecular structure that allows for easy penetration into the skin.

Rich in moisturizing fatty acids (omega 3,6,9), these oils strengthen the skin’s lipid layer and stabilizes natural oil production. Plant-based oils are non-cosmedogenic. This means they do not clog pores and cause breakouts. If you choose certified organic facial oils, they are free of preservatives and synthetic fragrances – the usual culprits of most skin irritation and allergic reactions.

So, we go back to the basics of…balance.

Stripping the skin of excess oil with ultra powerful cleansers promising to give that clean squeaky feeling can cause severe dryness. When the skin is dehydrated, it leads tothe  overproduction of sebaceous oil, or sebum, which in turn clogs pores and causes breakouts. It becomes a vicious lifelong battle for perfect complexion.

Needless to say, we all know that problem skin can be attributed to many factors:

  • stress
  • hormonal imbalance
  • heredity genes
  • lack of sleep
  • food allergies
  • poor skin care regime
  • poor hygiene
  • diet
  • medication
  • etc etc etc.

One of the many within our control is skin care regime.

If you are already doing the basic 3-steps of cleanse, tone, moisturize, then try adding a natural botanical oil to your facial regime. Their gentle healing and calming properties help to neutralize and balance out the skin’s lipid structure.

There are many types and brands of facial oils in the market.

Shop consciously and remember to always read labels ♥

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