Nail The Naturally Radiant Look With No-Makeup Makeup

No matter how healthy and clean your skin is, stress and lack of sleep – and everything life throws at you – can seriously tarnish your everyday look. Yet, there are women who consistently look gorgeous and glowing without a stitch of makeup. The truth is they are wearing “no makeup” makeup. The secret to getting the au naturel look lies in a handful of barely-there makeup beauty tricks. All you need to do is hone the basic skills to nail that naturally radiant look.

Secret #1: Wear Foundation, But Keep It Light

Gone are the days where foundation was used to cover skin’s imperfections. Heavy, caked-on foundation is way passé. Unless you have been living under a rock the last 5 years, you would know we have entered the age of BB & CC foundation creams. These creams are pumped up versions of tinted moisturizers with added benefits. They have taken over traditional foundation as the choice for barely-there coverage. In fact, forget coverage. Think camouflage. The aim is to blend out our skin’s imperfections, not hide it.

How to apply: Do the 5 dot method. Put one dot over the forehead, nose, chin and on each cheek. Then gently pat the cream towards your hairline until the cream is fully blended and settled nicely on your skin.

Secret #2: Go Light With Concealer

It is natural for women to fuss over imperfections on our face and over-compensate by using too much concealer. Unfortunately, heavy concealer usage is an obvious tell-tale that you are concealing something which brings attention to the area you are trying to conceal. Don’t go overboard. All you need is a little (very little) concealer to blend out the imperfection.

How to apply: Dab a small amount of concealer on the area. Use one of your fingers to gently pat the concealer so that the conceal color blends with the rest of your skin tone. Be sure to press some powder on the area to ensure the concealer stays on for longer wear.

Secret #3: Bring Focus to Your Eyes

Eyes are the windows to your soul and beauty comes from within. So if you want to exude inner radiant and beauty, open up your eyes! It doesn’t matter what shape eyes you have. Even the smallest eyes with single eyelids and barely-there eyelashes can come alive. The trick is subtle enhancement. Do not underestimate the magic of what a little line of eye pencil can do.

How to apply: The quickest way to open up your eyes is to line your upper waterline with a dark eye pencil. While you have the eye pencil in hand, lightly fill in your eyebrows. You will be surprised how your eyebrows can instantly wake your face.

Secret #4: Accentuate With Highlight Powder

Now that your face is looking flawless and your eyes pop, you want to naturally bring out your features. The easiest way to add radiance to your features is with a liquid or powder highlighter. Choose a shimmering highlighter that contains tiny flecks of pearly material that glow like healthy skin when light strikes them. Highlighters are translucent not transparent. Many contain small amount of pigment as well as reflective particles. Find a highlighter that is one to two shades lighter than your natural skin complexion; that way you are enhancing your skin tone not changing it.

How to apply: If using liquid highlighters, use the dabbing method. Put a small dot on the areas of your face your want to highlight. This can be on cheekbones, top of nose or under the arch of your eye brow. With your finger, lightly dab to spread the product around the area you want to highlight. The shimmers will give an instant dewy appearance to your skin. If using highlighter powder, pick up a small amount on your brush and lightly dust on the areas you want to highlight.

Secret #5: Wear A Natural Shade of Lipstick

Leave your bright red lipstick in your bag for a night outing. If you want that everyday youthful dewy look, you are better off with a wearable shade that matches your lip color. Choose a sheer-looking creamy lipstick; one that is not too shiny. Super saturated high-gloss lippies are great for fashion runways and capturing attention, not for the everyday natural radiant look.


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