Julianne Moore’s Beauty Secrets for Looking Beautiful Over 40

I am always in awe when I see photographs of Julianne Moore.
Her Celtic alabaster skin, set against her fiery red head of hair, is fabulously fair and translucent. At age 52, Julianne’s complexion is better than an average mid-30 year old. Which means, her skin has not aged since the late 70s!

This ageless beauty is surprisingly fuss-free about aging. She is famously known for giving the impression that whatever age she is at the time, is the perfect age to be. Over the years, many in Hollywood have asked her to reveal her anti-aging beauty secrets.

After digging through a collection of interview archives, I discovered her top 3 beauty secret weapons (most often quoted) for keeping that famed flawless complexion.

Secret Unveiled #1: Natural Skincare
Julianne is an eco-friendly beauty who uses natural skin care products. One brand she loves is Burt’s Bees (read Women Who Launch: Burt’s Bees). Their moisturizers and lip balms can be found in her beauty bag. Often photographed with a clean fresh and bare face, she attempts to go au-naturale as much as possible. Some of her beauty skincare tips include: avoid excessive makeup, live a green lifestyle and use natural skincare products (exactly what this blog is about!).
Secret Unveiled #2: Avoid the Sun
She has been quoted to say – if she could give one advice to every young person she knows, it would be ‘Stay out of the sun!‘. Since her mid-twenties, Julianne has been faithfully applying sunscreen to her fair and porcelain skin. And she always walks on the shady side of the street.

Secret Unveiled #3: Diet & Exercise
Yoga and pilates are her two secret weapons for maintaining her ideal weight and toned slender physique. She does Ashtanga yoga three times a week. ‘Yoga gives me time to zone out’ she was once quoted. For someone who claims to be hungry all the time yet hates dieting, she constantly battles with her self-confessed boring diet of  yogurt, cereal and granola bars. She enjoys home-cooked meals and practices the old-fashioned method of limiting calorie-intake by portion control.

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