How to Take Care Of Your Skin After Sun Exposure

With summer approaching, beach holidays are inevitable. Roaming around shopping, sightseeing and lazying by the poolside at happy hour under the scorching sun is bound to take a toll on your skin. I recently came back from a 2-week vacation in Vietnam. Despite my best effort wearing long-sleeve blouses and a full-brimmed hat (which I wore everyday) bearing great risk of looking like an ajumma and being mistaken as part of the many Korean tour groups visiting Vietnam, I still got a tan.

Once the skin is exposed to sun, the damage cannot be reversed. The best way is to immediately followup with after-sun skin care routine to keep your skin happy.

Hydrate Inside & Out

The most immediate difference your skin will feel after sun exposure is dryness. You really need to hydrate yourself inside and out. Slather on a good thick skin moisturizer and drink lots of water. Fresh fruits juices like coconut water are great as they are filled with essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to replenish after the damage.

Condition Hair

Our skin is not the only part of our body that is affected by excessive sun exposure. Our hair also loses plenty of moisture. It is one of the biggest cause of hair damage, color fade and brittle ends. Have you ever touched the top of your head while being out in the sun? Feels like a hot plate! This is a good time to give your hair a deep nourishing and conditioning hair mask treatment. If you prefer to DIY, a homemade hair mask with simple ingredients like bananas, milk, honey and avocados is fabulous. I found a simple and easy do-it-yourself banana hair mask here that anyone can do with a banana, a bowl and a little honey.

Cool Down

If your skin feels flushed and heated from underneath, it is not a good sign and you will need to cool it down right away. Going under an icy cold shower might help but it is not pleasant and the cooling effect on skin is only temporary. The best way I found over the years is to apply plain non-fat yogurt on the skin and leave on for at least half an hour. The lactic acid pulls and absorbs the heat from under the the skin effectively, leaving skin softer and cooler to touch.

Mask Your Face

This is my personal habit. Right after sun exposure, my immediate reaction is always to slap on a hydrating facial mask every other day for a week. I don’t know if this will work for everybody but it works for me. I have dry and sensitive skin so I cannot hydrate enough. The one I am currently loving is Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask from New Zealand.

I hope these essential quick tips will keep your skin happy on your upcoming June summer beach holidays!

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