How To Love Wearing Sunblock

Everybody hates it. Unfortunately, most of us cannot going without it. The damaging effects of sun to one’s complexion like premature aging, pigmentation and even skin cancer is simply not worth it. Wearing sunblock is not the problem. The problem is a good strong protection sunblock is always oily and thick – like a greasy layer of re-fried oil on my face; the more I spread it, the more I look like a Japanese geisha.

I consulted Dr Ong Fung Chin of Niks Maple Laser Clinic at Orchard Central. My skin problem: Pigmentation. Biggest beef: Consistency of sunblocks. How do I avoid it? I can’t. According to Dr Ong, a strong sunblock needs to be thick to be effective. What good is a watery sunscreen that melts or wipes off the face easily? If a sunblock is of thicker consistency like cream, a 50 cent-sized amount is going to yield more strength than one in a liquid or fluid lotion form. Makes sense?

With that kind of logic, I am officially stuck with the doctor’s order of her thick pasty goo known as my newly-prescribed must-wear everyday sunscreen.

Good thing I found a way to apply the thickest sunblock without looking like a Chinese opera singer or feeling like I could fry an egg on my face. The trick is in the motion of the potion.

Tip: Don’t rub. Just pat it down.

The simple change of patting sunscreen, not rubbing, made a huge difference to my skincare regime. While it still leaves an oily layer on my face, the act of patting seems to help spread the sunscreen evenly throughout my face. The more pats around the face, the more translucent the sunblock gets. No white greasy streaks and it is easier to apply makeup after.

Another advantage for patting down sunscreen is that it doesn’t dilute its strength. What most people do not know is while you may apply a strong SPF50+ (or higher) sunscreen on your face, but after rubbing and spreading, the sunblock protection you are getting is, in fact, greatly minimized.

Another tip: Apply sunblock 10-15minutes before putting on makeup. This allows much of the oiliness to settle into the skin. Your face might still look like a shiny disco ball, but you can counter that with some face powder and the rest of your makeup should not slip-and-slide too much out of control.



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