How to Get Rid of Milia Seeds?

Recently, I have been getting an irritating bunch of milia seeds popping up around my eyebrow and eyelid area. Normally, my beauty therapist would remove them for me. But now that it is the festive season, I cannot get a facial appointment until next year!

So here I am, digging through my skincare cabinet. And this is where I finally found an excellent and painless way to rid of milia seeds. But first, let’s look at what milia seeds are, and how they are formed.

Milia seeds are pimple-like bumps that usually form around the eyes, forehead and nose area. But they are not pimples. Milia seeds are white, hard and have an-almost translucent milky center, it is sometimes referred to as keratinous cysts or oil seeds.

There are many reasons for the formation of milia seeds; from obstructed sweat ducts, to super-rich creams, to sunscreen. Some even attribute it to genetics. Whatever the reason, it is ultimately a result of pore blockage.

Try to determine how milia seeds form for you individually. For me, it is most likely from my recent testing of various facial oil serums. Call it a job hazard. Once you know (or suspect) the source of problem, it becomes easier to eradicate and prevent.

First, check your eye-cream and facial moisturizer. Is it cream-based? My beauty therapist told me that a lot of times milia seeds form on eyelids because the eye cream most women use are too rich. Our eyelids are very delicate folds of skin. A little goes a long way. Instead, try switching to gel-based eye creams and facial moisturizers. They are quick to absorb into the skin, lighter in texture, and provide a protective layer against sweat and grime.

Second, do you use facial oils or serum? If so, avoid the eye area. Serums are great as a concentrated booster for the skin, formulated specifically for certain problem and or treatments. But like a double-edged sword, its richness and potency is not ideal for areas like eyes, forehead and nose. 

Looking for a painless way of removing milia seeds?
If your milia seeds are like mine: small, just-forming, likely from the use of rich/oily skincare products and around the eyebrow/nose/cheek/forehead areas, try Sisley’s Creamy Mask with Topical Resin. Normally, I use this mask for drying out pimples. But in my desperation, I decided to use this to dry out milia seeds.

Before using the mask, make sure you thorough cleanse and exfoliate your face. Only then, spot apply this mask. It allows this super powerful mask to effectively absorb into the pores, and do the work.

The next morning, my milia seeds were not as plump, and noticeably harder (maybe because its technically now a dehydrated seed). And once I wash my face with warm water or step into a warm shower, all I have to do is gently scratch them out. The seeds pops out quite easily. Done.

If you are left with a slight reddish pore (minus seed) like me, apply the overnight spot mask for one more night to soothe and heal the pore.

Whatever you do, just do not remove them on your own. DIY squeezing and picking of delicate skin can lead to scars.

Lastly, milia seeds do not disappear on its own. It will either remain as it is, or grow. If you have left your milia seeds for some time, and it is somewhat embedded into the skin, then it is most likely harden. Not easy to remove. At this point, save yourself the money and hassle, and book a beauty therapist. Or, consult a dermatologist.

This product was listed as one of Kat’s Best Products Reviewed for 2012.

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