Get That Korean “Watery Glow” Complexion

Shelf away your fake eyelashes and colored eye contacts, the latest (and biggest) Korean beauty fad is the mul-kwang-pi-bu look, loosely translated as “watery glow” complexion. Korea, the birth place of many great innovative Asian beauty products like BB (beauty balm) cream and CC (color corrector) cream, has now got a new beauty product type taken by storm – cushion compacts.

Cushion compacts are small foundation compacts that require a buff or your finger to dab the foundation on your skin. These travel-sized compacts come loaded with a fitted sponge soaked in the liquid makeup product and a separate buff pad applicator. It is a convenient way to carry liquid makeup and apply on-the-go. Due to high demand of cushion compacts, what used to be exclusively to bb and cc creams, are now available in blush and concealers. The ultimate result on application is an instantly super-hydrated, radiant and youthful complexion.

If you want that subtle “wet” sheen every K-pop fan and their mothers are going crazy about, then you’ll want to grab a cushion compact.

There are plenty of Korean brand cushion compacts to choose from. If you have a desire for naturalness, animal cruelty-free practice and good for the skin formulations, look out for brands like Pur Minerals, IT Cosmetics, Amore Pacific and Glow Recipe that curate natural beauty products coming out from Korea. 

Korean skincare and makeup are all about enhancing natural beauty rather than covering imperfections. Koreans love using natural ingredients and are constantly looking for skincare formulations with natural ingredients, that are highly concentrated, as they prefer a gentle, yet effective result, rather than a dramatic transformation,” says Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, founders of Glow Recipe.

It would be hard pressed to find any Korean beauty brand that says “100% natural” or “organic” but some do strive to maintain a low amount of fillers and a high percent of natural ingredients. Cushion compact beauty brands work with dermatologists to create formulas that work even for the most sensitive skin, ensuring you are, literally, one compact away from super duper dewy skin.


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