Double Cleansing: Is This The Secret To Flawless Skin?

Another Japanese (and Korean) beauty secret unfolds, it is called Double Cleansing.

The backstory. This happened on a short weekend getaway with my girlfriends in Bangkok. Three girls, stuck in a cozy little room made smaller with an additional rollaway bed. Yes, we paid extra to cram in one room, sleep on separate beds and share one bathroom. The need to climb over each other’s beds to get to our luggage bags, the toilet and the front door made this a, surprisingly, bonding holiday. Beds sprawled with our own personal collection of beauty products followed by countless verbal statements of ‘you should try this‘ is what happens when you travel with a bunch of girls who are beauty fanatics. As I dug into my toiletries bag, I found a cream cleanser that I (tried and disliked) was about to toss out. I don’t like cream-based cleansers. Both my girlfriends stopped me instantaneously and yelled ‘Wait. Don’t throw it out. You can use it for double cleansing‘.

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is a two-step facial cleansing method that aims to remove both oil-based and water-based impurities and cleanses deeper into the pores. It is a double effort that aims to eliminate any chance of residue buildup that can work its way deep into pores to clog and block.

Step 1: To remove oil-based impurities from your face. This require a cleanser that can melt away and lift off excess sebum and makeup from the skin’s surface. These kind of cleansers usually come as cleansing oils, cream or milk. Rinse off and continue to next step.

Step 2: To purify the skin by removing water-based impurities like dirt, dust, dead skin and perspiration from your skin’s surface. This requires a cleanser that can envelop the impurities in a rich lather, carry and wash away all remaining impurities with rinsing. These kinds of cleansers usually come as soaps, gels and cleansing foam.

Logic Behind Double Cleansing

Our face is the only part of our body that is exposed to environmental elements all day long. Dust, bacteria and toxic particles in the air come in contact with perspiration and oils that secrete from the skin. Once in contact, the skin’s pores capture the particles from the air in contact and lock them in, much like a canvas holds paint.


This skin cleansing regime has been practiced by Japanese women for many centuries. It started as a method to remove stubborn Geisha makeup, the Japanese traditional white metallic makeup which was toxic and known to traumatise the skin. Over generations, it has become part of Japanese women’s daily beauty regime for amazing, flawless complexion.

Double cleansing is worth a try.

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