6 Bad Skin Habits You Thought Were Good

No matter what age, good skin habits are tops on every girl’s list. Unfortunately, we accustom ourselves to a particular skin regime in our teens that we – out of habit or self-imposed belief – continue to maintain in our 30s and 40s. We are all guilty of it at some stage in life. It might have started out as simply getting the wrong information or over-doing something that worked for us the first time. Here are some skin habit shockers you once thought was good for your skin; when in fact, is probably really bad.

Alcohol For Acne-Prone Skin

The use of alcohol in skincare is a very confusing topic for most people. Most drugstore toners and astringents contain simple alcohol and are marketed for teenagers because that is the time hormones are raging and skin is breaking out of control. The idea of fighting oil with alcohol seems logical, but what might have temporarily worked for you in your teenage years may not work in your adult years. Sticking to the same skincare products to control your oily skin is not a sustainable solution. A better way is to go to a dermatologist and find out why your skin is producing excessive sebum. Deal with the root cause.

Popping Pimples To Clear Pores

Nobody likes to see a volcanic angry pimple filled with disgusting slimy pus and the urge to get rid of it is hard to resist. Popping pimples seems like a great way to squeeze out the gunk so the pores can settle down and heal. In actual fact, squeezing pushes the pus-producing bacteria deeper into the pore. What may look like a cleaned out pimple is, in fact, a dominant volcano brewing underneath out of sight. Pimples end up lasting longer, appearing bigger due to inflammation and possibly reoccurring at a later time. Not to mention, squeezing pimples can leave unsightly scars on your face. Treat a pimple by applying an antibacterial spot treatment (like Aesop Control Ant-Blemish Gel) in the day under your makeup, using a natural clay mask at night to draw up excessive oil and applying an over-night spot treatment cream (like Sisley Creamy Mask with Topical Resin).

Switching Up Products To Refresh Skin

We have all heard it before. “Switch skincare products regularly. You don’t want your skin to get used to it and turn dull!“. I don’t agree with this. If a product works for you, stick with it. The only time you feel you might need a change and your skin is looking dull, is probably because something else is changing. For example, you might be on a beach holiday which means your skin is dehydrating at a faster rate and needs more hydration attention. Or you are experiencing a heightened level of stress in your life right now, your skin needs a nourishment boost to what your usual skin products gives. If you feel you need to try new products because your skin is looking a little dull, do it. But know what your skin needs: is it more hydration? more clarity? more radiance? Don’t just switch up because you think your skin is getting bored.

Instant Layering From Serum To Moisturizer

Most of us are guilty of slapping on facial moisturizer immediately after applying serum. We need to stop this rushed sequence because we have not given enough time for the serum to soak into our skin before diluting its strength with moisturizer. Layer skincare products like we layer clothing. One layer at a time, no rush.

Facial Wipes As A Convenient Everyday Essential

Facial wipes are cheap and good essentials for women on-the-go but they are not the best care product for your skin. If you need to rely on facial wipes for the occasional overnight trip, go ahead. For daily use, best to avoid. These convenient wet face wipes are loaded with harsh chemicals and plenty of alcohol that dries out skin. Some may even sting and cause redness. Not to mention, moist environments breed bacteria and facial wipe packs are formulated with plenty of strong preservatives to keep bugs away. Unfortunately, these preservatives can irritate skin and trigger allergic reactions. Know that a facial wipe cannot (and should not) replace an effective proper cleanse.

Getting Hooked On Over-Exfoliating & Masking

If you are in the habit of exfoliating and masking your face, you know how addictive it is to maintain super cleaned, smooth and soft complexion. But too much of a good thing is actually bad. Over-exfoliating can lead to skin inflammation, redness and irritation from stripping the skin’s natural oil layer. Your skin may even appear more greasy as it tries to over-compensate for the lack of natural oil. Normal to oily skin only needs exfoliating once or twice a week. When it comes to masking, make sure you select a face mask suitable for your skin type. Don’t get caught up with the irresistible assortment of exotic ingredients and cute packaging that you forget what your skin actually needs. Sometimes, all we really need is a natural homemade honey yogurt mask once a week to reap benefits.

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