5 Persian Beauty Must-Haves Revealed

I have always been fascinated with Persian beauty. In public, there is not much to see because they are always covered in burkhas from head to toe. On the inside, their flawless olive skin, light-colored eyes, dark thick hair and exotic sharp features make these Persian women so mysterious, exotic and beautiful. I wanted to find out what their beauty essentials are.

Its All About The Eyes

Even though the burkhas cover most of their face, it leaves the eyes exposed. This leads Persian women to focus primarily on their eye makeup. Liquid and kohl eyeliners are makeup staples for lining their upper and lower eyelids. Most Persian women are blessed with thick and long eyelashes that they further emphasis with mascara.

The Brow Significance

Hair removal and brow shaping was once a beauty marker for Persian girls entering adulthood and/or marriage. In ancient days, the unibrow was all the rage and unquestionably alluring. For young women of the Middle East, the unibrow is often accentuated and filled in with kohl as a symbol of purity. In the coming of age, brows are groomed by waxing, plucking or threading. They naturally shape up their eyebrows and remove all undesired facial hair. To maintain their perfect arches, Persian women also brush their brows with a toothbrush!

Rose Water Everything

Rose water is everywhere and in almost everything; from facial toners, bath water, perfumes and even rice and iced beverages. But not any kind of rose water will do. A true Persian beauty enthusiast refer to rose water as the kind where fresh rose petals are stored in a jar of distilled water and placed under the sunshine for a few days, or fresh rose petals in a pot of boiled distilled water. Not only does rose water smell beautiful and exotic, it is rich in anti-oxidants, flavonoids, tannins and vitamins. Rose water is also a mild sedative and anti-depressant that helps to lift moods, relieve nervous tension and improve skin texture.

Bathing Indulgence

Persian women love to bath in ways that keep their skin soft and velvety smooth. They indulge in milk baths, oil bath or dead sea salt baths. Bathing not only reduces stress and helps one to relax, it improves blood circulation and bodily detoxification. From a young age, bathing is quite an event for all Persian babies. Instead of splashing around with a rubber ducky for fun and games, they are scrubbed down by their mothers with a kiseh (a type of scrubbing glove) paired with ball of soap derived from animal fat called sefidab. Most Persian women continue this bathing routine well into their adulthood maintaining super soft and smooth skin to touch.

Love Oils

Some people think of oils as a negative thing. But Persian women love their plant-based oils and use it for their face, skin, hair and food. They love body oils to keep their skin moisturized, fresh and smooth having that polished look. They nourish hair with different kinds of oil like olive, almond and coconut. Oils are also used as a basic ingredient in many beauty recipe mixtures. For example, honey mixed with almond oil is great for dry and chapped lips and rose water mixed with pomegranate oil works for cleansing face.

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