5 Tried-&-Tested Ways to Reboot Your Skin

When it comes to skincare, we focus a lot on the products we use and how we maintain our skin. Sure, it works good if we are talking about day-to-day routine. But a sudden change in lifestyle, hectic work commitments or a bout of medical treatments can tip the balance off and wreak havoc to our complexion.

The worst part is we may not even know it is happening to us. It takes a familiar person whom you have not seen for a while – like your hairdresser or even your mom – to comment on your skin’s lackluster appearance. If this has happened to you, sticking to your usual products and skincare routine is simply not enough.

When your skin’s condition degrades at a faster rate than you can take care of it yourself, it is time for a skin reboot.

Reboot Your Skin #1: Book in for an intensive deep cleansing facial.

I am not talking about your regular facial session. What you need is a special facial treatment that focuses primarily on exfoliation and massage. Dull complexion is a sure sign of accumulated dead skin cells and poor circulation. To give your skin a kickstart, you need a deep exfoliating treatment. Keyword is – deep. At this stage, regular facial scrub products alone will not do. For example, the organic facial bar I go to uses a special machine that applies wet micro-dermabrasion technology coupled with an hour long facial massage to remove the excessive buildup of dead cells. After the treatment, you should notice your skin is instantly clearer (and cleaner). If you have a regular facial salon you go to, ask them what options they offer. If not, drop me an email at & I can help you.

Reboot Your Skin #2: Get rid of dead skin, seriously.

Stubborn buildup of dead skin can give one’s complexion a dull, lucklustre appearance. One of the fastest ways to get rid of dead skin cells is to use an at-home facial peel. The best kind of peeling gels are organic and formulated with fruit-based or plant-based enzymes to gently melt away and lift off this unwanted layer of dead skin, dirt and grime. An article I recently wrote, Peeling Gel: The Next Asian Beauty Secret, gives attention to the recent trend of Asian at-home peeling treatments.  They come many forms and applications – some are gel you apply on face and massage off and some come in a gooey paste that you leave on like a mask then rinse off. Personally, this is the most effective way of getting instantly clearer and brighter looking skin.

Reboot Your Skin #3: Maintain with lots of home masks and facial oils.

After the intensive cleanse, your skin will need all the nourishment it can get. In addition to your daily skincare routine, be prepared to spend the next couple of weeks treating your skin with at-home hydrating masks. It would be beneficial to use a good organic hydrating mask. Or, go with a homemade avocado/honey/yogurt/banana mask concoction (lots of recipes available online). Mask at least 3 times a week and you will see the difference! For an extra boost, here’s a secret: add a facial oil to your skincare routine. This will help your skin recuperate faster and get back to its supple state in less time.

Tip: When it comes to facial oils, not all are made the same and even people with oily combination skin can benefit from facial oils. You’ll need to experiment and try different types of oil or even different brands. The best ones are always 100% organic and pure. Make sure there are no nasties like synthetic fragrances, mineral oil and sorts. For organic rosehip oil fans, try PAI’s Bioregenerate Oil. If you prefer essential oil blends, go for Black Chicken Remedies’s Love Your Face Serum. I have tried both and they are great!

Remember, this effort needs to be consistent for at least two weeks to see a noticeable (and sustainable) difference. Do not expect to have amazing skin that last with just one or two application.

Reboot Your Skin #4: Drink lots of water.

While this may be a no-brainer advise, don’t be surprised how many of us (myself included) neglect our water intake when we are operating “under the pump”. A whole week of hectic commitments can easily have you focused on immediate tasks at hand. Keeping your body hydrated is understandably the last thing on your mind. In this scenario, you actually need to drink more water.

Reboot Your Skin #5: Get plenty of sleep.

I am not a subscriber to the concept of the sleep bank. We cannot simply turn back the clock and make up for lost sleep. Sleep is sleep, whether its 3 hours or 13 hours. The number of hours you accumulate from loss of sleep does not necessarily make you more “fresh”. In fact, too much sleep makes me sluggish and gives me a headache.

When we sleep, our body is at a resting state of repair and recovery. It requires at least 7-8 hours every night to do its job properly. When a person runs on 3-4 hours sleep a night, the body has not completely recovered. This forces the body to start depleting resources from other organs. Water makes up 75% of the human body, hence your skin’s hydration will be its first line of attack. To reboot your skin, try to hit the sack early and the occasional luxury of a sleep-in can do wonders.

The above tried-and-tested ways to reboot your skin are not independent of each other. They are interlinked.

It is no good to do a deep exfoliating facial and not keep up with a nourishing skincare program at home. Likewise, you can drink all the water you want and sleep all day long, but it would not be enough to give your skin that transformative kickstart it really needs.

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