2013 Year In Review: Kat’s Best Feature Posts

Despite having fewer interviews this year, I upped my lifestyle feature posts covering interesting topics from ‘How to Survive a 30-Day Hot Yoga Challenge‘ to ‘6 Dirty Truths About Drinking Bottled Water I Bet You Didn’t Know‘.

Every topic that I have written has been inspired by my day-to-day curious living. Sometimes it comes in a form of a question (from a friend), and other times it comes from my own experiences.

My top 10 favourite feature articles for 2013. Here we go:

#1: 5 Obsessions for Porcelain Skin (the Korean Way)
I am crazy about Korean women and their fair porcelain skin! These women are mad about beauty, in particular, having smooth milky skin. Exactly my kind of obsession.

#2: 10 Common Myths of Sunblock I Bet You Didn’t Know
We have heard it time and time again from our mothers (and facial therapists) “Don’t forget to put on sunscreen”. But before you grab any SPF bottle, read this. There are common misconceptions about sunblock that not everybody knows. I didn’t. And I bet you probably don’t either.

#3: What Color is Your Poo Telling You?
Sounds gross talking about poo, right? Well, somebody has to. Did you know the colour of your poo can tell a lot about the state of your health and function of internal organs? I had a lot of fun writing this article because if I am not talking to girlfriends about this, how else am I going to know?

#4: 7 Tips to Survive a 30-Day Hot Yoga Challenge
This article came about after my recent return to daily hot yoga workouts. Within days, I suffered dehydration, persistent headaches and felt like death on my doorstep. I was a punctured rubber tire. There has got to be a better (and smarter) way. So, from my crazy experience, here is how I learnt to beat hot yoga and be able to do it regularly without having to suffer afterwards.

#5: 6 Dirty Truths About Drinking Bottled Water I Bet You Didn’t Know
After a session of hot yoga, nothing beats paying a buck for an ice cold bottled water. But if you care about the environment, as much as you care about your body and health, then you gotta read this.

#6: Women Who Launch: Human Nature Singapore
Meeting Christine is like meeting an old friend. Things started to change for this former successful architect when Christine became a mom. Should you get the chance to know Christine, you will know she is a serious advocate for natural birthing, and has a passion for better living. Human Nature, the brand she represents in Singapore, is extremely affordable.

#7: The Lemon, Organic Honey & Cayenne Pepper Diet
What a difference this drink makes. I don’t advocate this as a stand-alone diet or as a meal replacement. Instead, I did this every morning for a week and drank it like I would water throughout the morning. The mixture sounds weird – sour, sweet and spicy. It is just that!

#8: Women Who Launch: Poggiagliolmi
Liza Poggiagliolmi is one intriguing woman (from Malaysia) with a great sense of humor! Who won’t be living the idyllic life of an olive farmer under the famous Tuscan sun? Liza gives an detailed insight on what life is like on the other side of the world – as mom, wife, olive farmer and business woman.

#9: The Taaras (Pulau Redang, Malaysia)
Redang island never fails to disappoint when it comes to having a beach vacation. Especially at The Taaras. It’s private. It’s exclusive. It’s expensive. But it’s also beaming with amazing facilities and activities like snorkelling, designer pool swimming, plenty of wildlife on property and great spa experience. The beat feature of this property is it’s in-house reef snorkelling. Swimming with pomfrets, baby black-tipped sharks and turtles is a norm here.

#10: Phnom Tamao Zoological Park & Wildlife Rescue Centre 
Again, another amazing holiday in Cambodia. This 2-part series features a zoo of a different kind. It is a massive national park turned rescue zoo of the most interesting animals. The zoo, is in fact, a working home for endangered animals caught in the middle of Asia’s unfortunate rife animal smuggling and poaching trade. This illegal activity happens mainly across the borders of China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Explore the zoo on foot or by Cambodia’s local tuk tuk.


#11: Antler Chandelier: A Recycled Lighting Alternative 
For some unexplainable reason, this article got a lot of mileage from my readers. A lot of people, especially friends, talked to me about this article. It often comes up in conversations. Hence, it made this year’s Best Feature list.

Thanks for another awesome year! Happy new year everyone!

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