2012 Year In Review: Kat’s Best Feature Posts

Continuing with Kat’s 2012 Year in Review series, here is my Top 10 most favorite lifestyle posts of 2012 (in no particular order).

This year, I had a lot of features that were entertaining and super fun topics to write about. I had just crossed over 100+ posts in early December, which made having to choose extremely difficult. Some were interesting & educational (with a lot of Aha! moments), and for some, I got the chance to meet inspiring women so unique in their own special ways.

In the end, these are my top 10 most favorite articles that made my list for 2012 Best Feature Posts.

#1: Women Who Launch: Mama Bagel
I met Jennifer at Sarnies, a small bustling bakery at Tanjong Pagar, for this interview. She was baking bagels. At first, it was kinda awkward. I threw her questions while watching her knead dough. Flour everywhere, oven heating, water boiling and Jennifer having to attend to a hundred things at one time…including me.

But it didn’t take long for us to click. She’s bubbly, lively and extremely funny. Here is a former New Yorker, who went from on-paper millions to…well, baking bagels in a back kitchen of Singapore. She brings this point up candidly, then brushes it off with humor.

I love her energy, and admire her resilience. And boy, does she have a great story to tell!

#2: Hot Yoga: Is it Worth Sweating Over?
This is probably one of my worse yoga experience. Not the fault of the studio. In fact, the studio was lovely, and the instructor was Michelle (whom I’ve taken a workshop with before. Read ‘Fertility Yoga Workshop With Michelle Mohlman‘). It was me. And if I survived, then you will too.

#3: Interview With: A Two-Time Ballerina Dropout Turn Pole-Dancer
I still cannot believe this is my friend Sue-Ann. Just when you think you know someone, they shock you.

#4: Nail Polish vs. Vegan Nail Polish
A feature inspired by my girlfriend Camilla, who posed a question to me once ‘Did you know nail polish is made from fish scales?’. Here goes an Aha! moment.

#5: Are Singaporeans Ready to Pay-For-Plastic Bags?
It happened one night at a nightclub when my friend Ben stuck a conversation with me. He wanted to know what my thoughts were on the recent news of a proposing law for Singaporeans to pay for plastic bags. After a fairly long chat, I decided to look into it more. And this is what I think about the whole plastic bag affair.

#6: Are You Ready for a Colema?
This is my most embarrassing experience to-date. If you’ve ever had to spread your legs with a rubber tube stuck up your bum, doing the #2 and having a therapist massage your mid-section – all at the same time, then you can skip this read.

#7: Women Who Launch: Hom Yoga
Going back to #3 on the list ‘Hot Yoga: Is it Worth the Sweat?‘, I finally met the owner. A former Miss Universe Singapore 2008 1st runner-up, Malvina is nothing like you would expect.

#8: The Real Secrets to Long Life
Did you know your personality plays a factor in your longevity? Think you know what it takes to live a long life? You gotta read this!

#9: Social Painting: Art Jam
My first social art jam session led to a pretty serious hobby I picked up this year! Thanks to my lawyer-cum-painting buddy Jessica who got me into this. Arteastiq is a place I find myself recommending to friends all the time; and to anyone who has ever thought about picking up the paint brush.

#10: 5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Honey
I had lots of Aha! moments doing this post. The dirty business of honey and honey re-wash is fascinating… and eye-opening. This was my third honey post after meeting Katie, who distributes the Australian-made Honey Lady brand in Singapore (read Honey Lade: Range of Honeys & 5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Honey). Since this, it has totally changed how I buy honey.

That’s it…actually, I could go on. There are so many great articles I’ve posted before. If you want to read more, my lifestyle feature stories are broadly categorised under People and Living.

Happy holidays and a great 2013 ahead!

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